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Waka Voice

Waka voice is a voice-centric platform that supports the creation of a virtual world while also providing a comfortable and real-time social connection with unique features like gifting option, group chat, instant messaging, and more.



Slickpay makes it easy to take care of all your bill payments. We have you covered whether you need to pay your electricity, water, or internet bill. Plus, our easy-to-use website makes it convenient for you to pay your bills from the comfort of your home or office.


Waka Status

Waka status is the perfect app for creating and sharing amazing short videos. Whether you're looking for a funny video, any wishes message, or a new Takata video, we've got you covered. Plus, our easy-to-use editing tools make it simpler to create videos that are perfect for sharing with your friends on social media platforms.



WoTalk is a user-friendly mobile app that utilizes OpenAI to generate answers to questions and images based on user instructions. The generated images can be downloaded or shared directly, and the app offers four actions in one place: text answers, image generation, download, and share.