Relationships are the most valuable
asset – in business and in life

Our relationships make up who we are. What matters more
than how we treat our friends, family, colleagues, and clients?
About Us

Sqing is a technology-based company that offers innovative SaaS products and services to multinational corporations. The company specializes in mobile application operations in India for various vernacular languages, as well as support for multiple communities across Indian regions, such as sales, customer support, moderation, and re-seller programs for business expansion across India.

Our business model is built on strong client relationships, allowing us to provide the highest quality work at the most competitive prices. We believe that working closely with clients will help them grow their businesses in a sustainable manner, not just today but for years to come.


We've worked client-side

Nothing can substitute the experience of having spent time in the shoes of a client.


We're senior specialists

Brands reach out to us because they require specialised skills and a team that engages all levels of their organisation.


We're with you the whole way

Understanding a strategy or concept is frequently only the tip of the iceberg. We collaborate with you to integrate it into your business and bring it to market.